Hybrid DeFi Platform Provider

DA:Ground is a fintech startup that aims to transform the existing 'finance’ into a 'financial infrastructure' built by decentralized public. DA:Ground provides cryptocurrency-based personal financial services using blockchain and various cutting-edge technology. DA:Ground provides Hybrid-DeFi Crypto Loan/Investment Platform which is called " sandbank ".

Crypto-Backed P2P Platform

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Sandbank leverages both credit records and cryptocurrency collateral (BTC, USDT, etc.) to allow any customers to take out loans at a rate substantially lower than the market average, satisfying the needs of funding for both individuals and institutions. On the other hand, customers can invest in bonds that are secured under the protection of the sandbank collateral management system while generating superior returns over traditional financial products.


The Necessity of Connection between Crypto and the Real Economy

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Cryptocurrency is a necessary means for blockchain ecosystem which enables running a trusted social network in a decentralized ecosystem. However, cryptocurrency has not only fully carried out its purpose but also has been treated as an insufficient asset when it comes to market utilization. Currently, a large portion of the entire cryptocurrency outstanding is sleeping inside wallets without single transaction, limiting individuals’ access to it and cutting them out from potential investment opportunities. Traditional financial market, though its structurally safe environment, has been discriminating alienated individuals against those possessing privileges of getting access to information faster than the others, also as known as the information asymmetry problem. As a result, the majority of individuals has difficulties in finding attractive investment opportunities with stable and decent return.

We have established Sandbank to resolve such inefficiencies. By deeply addressing fundamental problems of both Crypto and Traditional Finance, sandbank successfully helps cryptocurrency industry overcome the low utilization rate, which leads to creating a sufficient alternative investment opportunity for individuals. Hence, sandbank aims to open the epoch of the new economy where crypto and real assets efficiently interact each other.

Hybrid DeFi

How does sandbank work

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DA:Ground has developed a hybrid DeFi(Decentralized Finance) architecture, only taking advantages from both centralized and decentralized models: transparency and stability from the decentralized, and speed and efficiency from the centralized. While common DeFi services in the market try to decentralize all functions including asset management, collateral management and transaction, etc, sandbank's hybrid DeFi model keeps these functions off-chain(central servers) to enhance user experience in a highly efficient way. It maintains other features like instant asset price and transaction records on blockchain, enhancing the integrity of our financial service and providing trustworthiness to it. As a result, sandbank responds more spontaneously to the needs of fast-growing crypto market investors, and simultaneously provide transparent and secure services in a decentralized manner specifically available by blockchain.Learn more about DeFi

Value Proposition

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What is DeFi?

Decentralized finance (DeFi) refers to a new form of finance that is open-source, digital, decentralized, and blockchain-powered to enable individuals to have full control over their finances when accessing financial services such as borrowing, lending, payments, insurance, derivatives trading, and more.(Source: Bitcoin Market Journal)


Who would be sandbank customer?

Anyone who needs a convenient and satisfying financial services can be sandbank's customer. On the investor’s perspective, individuals and institutions that are looking for more stable, secure investment with above market rate of return will be fascinated by the compounded passive income. On the borrower’s perspective, individuals who need additional cash flow for different types of expenditures but do not want to sell their crypto assets and those actively taking leveraged long/short position will benefit from the instant loan. Institutions that need cash or crypto assets for basis trading, arbitrage trading, leveraged long/short trading, paying for operation cost will also enjoy our crypto backed loan service.

*Institutions include crypto hedge funds, miners, market makers, exchanges, ICO companies, etc.


What happens if the prices of collateralized cryptocurrencies plunge?

sandbank's Collateral Management System automatically reflects the dramatic change in market condition and calculates collateral value for all outstanding loans. Next, the system requests borrowers to deposit additional collaterals if they want to maintain loans outstanding. If they do so and return the collateral ratio back to the secure level, the loans are safe and continue to go on. If they do not deposit any additional collateral by the given due date, the system immediately sells a portion of collateral and increase the collateral ratio to the secure level.


Why customers choose sandbank? What is sandbank competitive advantage?

Sandbank is the only crypto investment & loan platform supporting the hybrid DeFi, which is backed by the combination of the advantages of decentralized and centralized systems. It tracks the market condition and customer demand in the most efficient way which leads to the best rate of return for our customers.

Sandbank supports both fiat and cryptocurrency and when customers invest assets or take out loans. There are no services in Korea and Asian countries that support these features at the moment. Penetrating Korean market as a start, sandbank will gradually expand its service area to the rest of the world that is in need for crypto finance.